Gothica: Myths and Monsters – 17th June 2021 (5-7pm)

On Thursday 17th June 2021, the Gothica reading group at the University of Birmingham will be hosting an online session entitled Myths and Monsters, which will include two short papers by Rhys James Jenkins (University of Birmingham) and myself. For anyone interested in joining, feel free to tweet or email the following links: Twitter: @GOTHICA_UOBContinue reading “Gothica: Myths and Monsters – 17th June 2021 (5-7pm)”

“New Year, New Moon” – An update on my PhD project!

Happy New Year! Well, as much as it can be with the current lockdown rules now being placed across the United Kingdom. With not an end in sight, I thought it perhaps useful to give you all a bit of an update on my current PhD project. I’m hoping to do these every 6 monthsContinue reading ““New Year, New Moon” – An update on my PhD project!”

Welcome to Monstrous Folklore!

Hello everyone and welcome to, a research website dedicated to the study of folklore (and the folkloresque) monsters and Gothic fiction!